Why Do I Love Writing ?

Honestly, I never expect I could be fascinated in writing. I never planned this. I just only remember that there was one silent day caught my heart to hold a pen and bring a piece of paper, weird right? but today, I am here. I started as being nothing and finally I am able to share my own thoughts with wordpress.com to the different people in the world.

Writing is unique for me. This is my way to express myself. When I’m alone and feel so empty, I use to write because I know that when I do this, there is a room of calmness. Every single day, I often think random words I could form into sentence and eventually transfer it into my notes. Definitely, writing have already captured my soul.

When I write, I imagine lots of good things and I see myself as a pro even if I’m not. I adore this capability because I found happiness, satisfaction and peace within.


Thank you for reading my first ever blog, It’s such a honor to become one with you all.

Published by Cristine Orcino

I feel better when I write

8 thoughts on “Why Do I Love Writing ?

  1. Hey CO, i love this article and i thank you for “following” my blog but i don’t post anymore…..i just went “away” at the end of 2017. I’m not coming back, i was “spotted” by Gottfried and i commented back as a courtesy so i’ve read a few of his posts. I found him to be a misanthrope, a sarcastic son of a female dog BUT most of the time i actually agreed with him and after a few posts; i decided he was also JUST PLAIN FUNNY! So i thought you were taking him too seriously, so i responded. Now, since i LOVED this post I’ll read a few more of your stuff. But i’ll stop following you very soon because if i get too involved, i become to anxious and angry…REVERSE THAT. Thanx for following me, CIAO dRU


    1. OMG, u don’t have any idea how i feel so honoured. Thank you very much cuz u like my first ever blog and tbh this is what am waiting for even 1 like I could get. You gave me hope to continue my passion, which is to write. Sending hugs for ya!!! 🤗


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